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Full-Service Cost Per Lead Pricing

Influencer discovery and negotiation, influencer content creation, and full campaign management and execution are included in the the CPL. CPL No upsell/cross-sell, no surprises.

Broad Targeting

Targeting based on role, geos and firmographics. For example, deliver leads for IT manager and above in the US at companies greater than 500 employees for all industries.
CPL range: $40-$60

Narrow Targeting

Targeting based on audiences more difficult to reach. For example marketing director and above in the retail industry at companies greater than 5,000 employees.
CPL range: $50-80


Leads from a list of targeted companies and roles. Only leads from the list qualify. CPL is function of the size of the list. Lists under 500 companies would be more costly than a list with 10,000 companies
CPL range: $60-90

Appointment Setting

Taking a list of buyers who have downloaded your content and converting them to qualified appointments (we agree on an SLA for what constitutes a qualified meeting ahead of time). Price does not include the initial campaign to generate the leads.
Cost per meeting: $200-$500

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