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About Us

At TechGrowth, we're redefining B2B lead generation. Founded by Abigail BloomKing, a seasoned expert with seven years of dedicated experience in helping clients grow.

Abigail's expertise spans the full spectrum of lead generation processes - from carefully selecting B2B influencers and publishers to executing dynamic campaigns and meticulously analyzing data for continuous improvement.

We recognize the hurdles businesses face in acquiring high-quality leads that not only show genuine interest in their products or services but also contribute meaningfully to their sales pipeline. We're acutely aware of how detrimental low-quality, disingenuous leads can be to both marketing budgets and sales outcomes.

Our commitment is delivering leads that are not just numbers but engaged, real individuals who have a genuine interest in what you offer.

By choosing TechGrowth, you gain access to our expansive network of vetted publishers and influential voices in the B2B space. Our partners are keen to amplify your content, ensuring it reaches the right audience and drives tangible revenue growth for your business.

Let's partner to transform your lead generation strategy and elevate your business to new heights.


Abigail BloomKing, Managing Partner

A seasoned B2B content syndication expert with a passion for helping businesses expand their reach and drive net new revenue.

Fifteen years of experience in technology marketing has has honed her skills in crafting strategic growth plans that amplify brand visibility and generate high-quality leads.

Her expertise lies in finding digital syndication platforms, then leveraging audience targeting, and data-driven insights to optimize content distribution strategies that generate revenue.

Through collaborative partnerships, she works closely with clients to deliver measurable results and maximize their content's impact on growth.

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