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White Label B2B Influencer Marketing For Agencies

Harness the power of top B2B micro-influencers to target your clients' ideal buyers efficiently. Partner with us for a streamlined, effective influencer marketing solution that amplifies your clients' credibility, reach and impact.

Transform Your Lead Generation Strategy with Influencer Expertise

B2B content syndication

Simplify Your Process

Skip the hassle of navigating the influencer landscape. We handle the complexity, connecting you with influencers who have a proven track record of engaging your clients' target audiences.

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Authentic, Quality Leads

Experience transparent, bot-free lead generation. Our influencer partnerships ensure genuine, high-quality leads, elevating your clients' trust and satisfaction.

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B2B Lead Delivery

Leverage Our Expertise

Benefit from our extensive experience in B2B influencer campaigns, managed by a team with 15 years in content-driven B2B demand generation.

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Some benefits of working with us:

Guaranteed Lead Outcomes

The ability to guarantee a specific number of original, targeted, qualified leads at a fixed cost provides predictability and confidence in campaign outcomes, reducing the risk associated with many paid & organic lead gen investments.   

High lead quality

Your client's offers will be placed with well known influencers respected and trusted by their target buyers. Their authority transfers to your client's brand and leads to higher quality leads. No worrying about scam or bot leads.

New Revenue Stream

By offering influencer-based demand generation as a new service, digital agencies can diversify their revenue sources, attracting new clients or upsell to existing ones.

Fast results

You can start receiving leads in little as 7 days. Get all your leads at once, or tell us how you want to pace them. Your clients will meet their sales quotas faster than with other marketing programs.

Efficiency & Scalability

Leveraging our full-service approach, infrastructure and expertise allows agencies to scale this service quickly, accommodating more clients with existing resources and technology.

Increased Client Retention

Delivering on promises and exceeding client expectations leads to higher client retention rates and promotes a culture of loyalty. Guaranteed lead outcomes meet commitments where clicks and conversions may not.

Our Values

Focus on Outcomes

How it works

1. Tell us what outcome your client wants

For example: "They're trying to attract senior devops in the US and UK. They have a list of 3,000 accounts they want to target. They have 2 white papers to promote and they need 250 qualified leads by the end of the month to help make their number this quarter".

2. Build the campaign and launch

Your account team will have a kickoff call with your TechGrowth account manager to plan timelines and deliverables. Then we find the target audience inside our influencer network, negotiate content creation and promotions, and build all the campaign assets, including emails and landing pages.

3. Deliver your client's leads

The process only takes 7-10 days to get your first leads. Bad leads are scrubbed, and the data is normalized to match your client's CRM formatting. We deliver the resulting leads via spreadsheet or direct to the CRM.

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Partnering with influencers is emerging as the best way to add hundreds of high quality leads to your pipeline in days, not weeks or months.