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Demand Generation Using B2B Influencers

Get real leads from real, engaged buyers (not bots) by showcasing your content in the B2B influencer communities your buyers trust.
B2B content syndication

Done-For-You B2B Influencer Search & Selection

Access your ideal buyers through our partnerships with over 1500 B2B influencers and publications. Collaborate with influencers to co-create content that prospects will learn from and trust.

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Authentic Leads From Engaged Buyers

Authentic Leads From Engaged Buyers

Our influencer campaigns eliminate the concern that your leads are coming from bots or unethical sources. B2B influencers create authentic engagement, connecting you with buyers who are not only interested but also trust and value the source of their information.

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Full-Service Campaign Management

Full-Service Campaign Management

Running an influencer-driven lead generation campaign involves a lot of moving parts between buyer targeting, influencer discovery & negotiation, creative, copy, and technology. But don't worry about process. Tell us your goals, and we'll guarantee you we'll hit them.

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What Are They Saying

Full Service Excellence

We love the committed team. TechGrowth's determination in finding and leveraging the right B2B influencers is unmatched. Every campaign has translated into a stream of authentic leads, growing our pipeline significantly. If you've been disappointed in your content marketing programs, you have to try influencers.
Mike N.

Credibility to Conversion

TechGrowth ran the entire campaign from researching and sourcing marketing and event planning influencers to running the campaigns. We got back leads that converted at a higher rate than our campaigns where we used lists or publishers to promote our content.

Deborah M.
CMO, OnSite Live

Targeted For You

Partnering with small business influencers has been a difference maker for our pipeline. Their influencer campaigns are top-notch, consistently delivering genuine, high-quality leads. We've eliminated fake leads, increased conversions and grown pipeline and revenue by 3X.

Josh B.
CEO, Omini Pro

What you get

The outcome is a batch of highly qualified leads for sales follow-up, and nurturing, but before that happens, we manage all the steps and deliverables necessary to get your buyer's attention and get them to raise their hand as a lead.

Access to our influencer network

Our team is expert at finding a network of influencers your ideal customers trust to learn and solve problems. Then we negotiate on your behalf to access that audience and guarantee outcomes.

Lead capture workflow

All the creative and copy needed to attract and convert a target buyer into a lead. Includes content creation, custom email templates and registration landing pages to capture leads.

Campaign management

We take ownership of all the people, publishers, processes, and platforms that will be used to plan and execute your campaign including nurturing the leads after they are delivered.

Data & Analytics

Track the performance of your campaigns including metrics such as engagement, click-through rates, conversions, and ROI.

Content Co-Creation

We'll work with your influencers to create custom, engaging content that gives you reach and credibility.

Simple pricing

No 20-page media kit. Your pricing for this full service offering = number of leads x cost per lead (CPL). Full stop.

Ways to use B2B Influencers

Wherever you need attention from your target buyers we can make sure they meet you there

Product launches

Leverage influencer credibility and reach to promote new products or services to a targeted audience, generating interest and buzz before and after launch.

Event Promotion

B2B companies can use trusted influencers to promote company events, webinars, podcasts, or conferences to a wider audience, increasing attendance and engagement.

ABM & Intent

ABM and intent campaigns can be expensive, but B2B influencer marketing offers a cost-effective way to target high-value accounts with personalized content.

Demand generation

Partnering with influencers transfers the trust and engagement they have with their audience to your brand. This produces quality leads that convert at a higher rate.

Thought leadership

B2B companies can position themselves as thought leaders in their industry by creating high-quality content and partnering with top-tier industry industry influencers where your target audience goes to discuss, learn and problem-solve

Reach Shadow Buyers

Use influencers to target get your messaging out to other roles in the buying committee that may not be talking to sales such as finance or IT but that admire an influencer and trust their opinion.

How it works

1. Tell us what outcome you want

For example: "I'm trying to attract senior devops in the US and UK. I have a list of 1,000 accounts I want to target. I have 2 white papers to promote and I want 250 qualified leads by the end of the month".

2. Build the campaign and launch

You have a kickoff call with your account manager to plan timelines and deliverables. Then we find your audience inside our influencer network, negotiate content creation and promotions, and build all the campaign assets including emails and landing pages.

3. Deliver your leads

The whole process only takes 5-7 days until you get your first leads. Bad leads are scrubbed, and the data is normalized to match the formatting in your CRM. We deliver the resulting leads via spreadsheet or direct to your CRM. We'll create and run an email nurturing sequence at no extra charge.

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