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I'm a SaaS Founder Whose Lead Generation Is Stuck. What Do I Do Next?

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Brian BloomKing
I'm a SaaS Founder Whose Lead Generation Is Stuck. What Do I Do Next?

I'm a SaaS Founder Whose Lead Generation Is Stuck. What Do I Do Next?

Starting a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business is a significant accomplishment. The journey can be challenging, from ideation to development and even getting a few customers on board. 

However, for many SaaS founders, one of the most daunting tasks is consistently generating high quality leads.

If you're stuck in SaaS lead generation, you're not alone. Let’s walk through some steps you can take to breathe life back into your lead-generation efforts.

1. Re-evaluate Your Target Audience

Before generating leads, you must know who you're targeting. It’s worth an hour to have a stand-up with your team to discuss targeting.  


Personas: Revisit and refine the buyer personas you're targeting. Your initial assumptions might have changed.

Needs: Are you addressing the current needs of your audience?

Positioning: Does your messaging resonate with your target users?

Committees If you’re selling a complex product that impacts multiple stakeholders, you need

2. Diversify Your Marketing Channels

If you've relied heavily on one or two marketing channels, it may be time to diversify:

Content Marketing: Lean back into blogging, and be patient.  Create one or two authoritative e-books or white papers to offer as gated lead magnets within each blog post.

Email marketing: This is the fastest way to do SaaS lead generation and get quality leads. The best approach is to partner with industry publications or agencies who are experts in content syndication to promote your content for pay to their opt-in email lists.  Most publications can guarantee the number of prospects who respond and fill out a form for you.

Webinars:  Partner with industry influencers to run webinars monthly.

Social Media: Engage on platforms where your target audience hangs out, be it LinkedIn, Twitter, or niche communities.  Again, be consistent and patient, and you will start getting traffic.

Paid Advertising: PPC campaigns on Google, Facebook, Tik Tok or industry-specific platforms can yield immediate results.

Pay attention to forums:  Platforms like LinkedIn Groups, Reddit, Hacker News, and Quora often have active discussions around ideas in your industry.  Assign someone to monitor and respond where appropriate.

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3. Invest in Content

Content is not just a channel its the fuel for many SaaS lead generation engines:

Value-Driven Content: Create high-quality, evergreen e-books, whitepapers, or case studies.

SEO: Optimize all your content by using keyword research to increase organic traffic.

Guest Posting & podcasts: Write for reputable platforms in your niche to increase visibility.  Make pitches to top podcasters in your industry to see if they will interview you as a topic expert.

4. Leverage Partnerships

Collaborate with businesses that have synergies with your SaaS offering:

Integration Partners: Platforms that can be integrated with your software.

Co-Marketing: Host webinars, write joint content, or run campaigns together.

5. Reviews and Referrals

Your current customers are a goldmine, and review and referral sites are now a key research tool for buyers:

Make reviews part of closing deals:  Offer discounts, upgrades, or gifts for users who agree to write referrals on sites like G2.

Feedback Loop: Understand why they chose you, and improve your pitch based on this.

Referral Programs: Incentivize customers to refer others to your platform using the same techniques as reviews.  Or consider adding a loyalty program that rewards usage and referrals.

6. Optimize Your Landing Pages

Your landing pages can make or break your SaaS lead generation:

A/B Testing: Regularly test different versions of your landing page to see what resonates.

Clear CTAs: Ensure that what you want the visitor to do next is evident.

Trust Signals: Testimonials, logos of reputable clients, or security badges can boost conversions.

7. Engage in Networking and Events

Although we live in a digital age, face-to-face (or virtual) interactions can make a huge difference in converting a prospect to a buyer:

Industry Conferences: Book speaking gigs or simply attend and network.

Local Meetups: Sometimes, your next big client could be in your city.

Parties and events:  Host a party at a sports event or a conference.

8. Re-Engage Cold Leads

Not all previously qualified leads that go cold are lost forever:

Follow-up Sequences: Automated emails can reignite interest.  Plan to send 7-10 sequences for converting the lead back to cold.

Exclusive Offers: Offer a limited-time discount or bonus to bring them back.

9. Use the Right Tools

Invest in the right tools to automate and optimize your SaaS lead generation process:

CRM: Tools like HubSpot or Salesforce to manage and nurture qualified leads.

Analytics: Platforms like Google Analytics or HubSpot analytics to understand where your traffic is coming from.


Remember, every SaaS business will have its unique challenges and strengths. The key is to be persistent, consistently test new strategies, and be willing to pivot when necessary. If lead generation feels like an uphill battle now, with the right strategy and some elbow grease, you'll soon see your efforts pay off.

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